DCRD's End of 10th Season Party

Duke City celebrated the end of its tenth season on Saturday with karaoke, dancing and awards. Held at the Harwood Art Center, skaters, officials, volunteers, sponsors, and family gathered for an evening of fun. The theme for this year’s end of year bash was “Derby Prom,” and Pissy Long Stalker was named Prom Queen.


Outgoing League President Leigh Featherstone kicked off the awards ceremony with an overview of 2015 achievements.

  • More than 135 new people attend newbie practice and our membership has increased by 39 since December 2014.

  • Return of home teams the Dooms Dames and the Disco Brawlers.

  • The league transitioned from an LLC to a nonprofit.

  • Profiled by the WFTDA as a 10 year league.

  • Made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal Sports Section.

  • Recognized and celebrated Marriage Equality as a league.

  • The Marionettes, DCRD’s Junior team, played full-length games home and away.

  • Built stronger relationships with officials around the state.

  • Hosted Suzy Hotrod, Mick Swagger, and Smarty Pants.

  • Skaters attended trainings out of town, including RollerCon and Camp Elite.


Announcer Bo Adkins took over as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and kept the evening moving along with his banter.


The following Newbies, or skaters who have yet to pass their minimum skills, received certificates: Amber Cadaver, Annimal, Ashley Stones, Betty OOP, Crystal Stiles, DatGurl, Jennifer Lanes, Jessica Dudek, Lara Patton, Pelvis Chestly, Samantha Adlar, Sandy Mayne, Scara-Dee Darkness, Shannon Dobbins, Sovereign Hagar, and Stephanie Conrad.


DCRD’s bout volunteers are the people who help us to pull off the production of our home games. These individuals volunteer their time, and are greatly appreciated. On Saturday, the league honored the following 2015 volunteers: Darryl Chitwood (EMT), Bill Somers (EMT), Brandon Porch (EMT), Steven Likovic (EMT), Nick Griseto (EMT), Bo Adkins (Announcer), Colin Mayhem (Announcer), Bertha Cuntrol (Announcer), Kell's Inferno (Announcer), and Robert Loundagin (Sound/Photography).


Photo by Amy v. Marks

Photo by Amy v. Marks


Greatly valued are the coaches who help our teams be the best they can be. The 2015 coaches included:

Muñecas: Kapn’ Krush and Betty OOP

Juggernaughties: Betty OOP

Marionettes: Mitzi Massacre, Tomasita Twister, Whoreticia Maddams, Fowl Play, and Doom Dee Doom.

Juggernaughties captains Meep Meep and Fighting Girlfriend wrote a haiku for their coach:

To help us improve

You gave us time and effort

Thank you, Betty Oop!


League officials were recognized for their dedication throughout the year. They came to scrimmages and games in the cold and in the heat, rain or sun. In 2015, these officials for DCRD included: Fowl Play, Stopwatch, David Reed, Brian Lockwood, Zoner, Amber Cadaver, Tomasita Twister, Faceplant Mars, Madam Red, Ivy A. Nightmare, Crystal Stiles, Liz McKenzie, Austin Farrar, Richard Lamb, Whoreticia Madams, Sioban Lamb, Tia Lipe, Seam Slayer, Leigh Featherstone, Karina Rodgers, Andrea Higdon, Emina Slavic, and Killer Queen.


Photo by Amy V. Marks

Photo by Amy V. Marks

The following awards were voted on by league members:



Hardest Hitter: Doom Dee Doom


Best Offense: Swearin’Marie and Doom Dee Doom (tie)

Best Boutfit: Kell’s Inferno

Most Agile: BAMPF!

Most in Need of a Sponsor: Whoreticia Madams

Best Jumps: Kell’s Inferno

Best Falls: Ivy A. Nightmare

Most League Spirit: Pelvis Chestly

Most Strategic: Leigh Featherstone

Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (Brains and Brawn): Death Ro

Most Feared: Death Ro

Friendliest: Pelvis Chestly

Administrative Prowess: Magali and Leigh Featherstone (tie)

Best Smile as She Destroys Your Soul: Swearin’Marie

Best Injury Recovery: Amber Cadaver and Swearin’Marie (tie)

Practice MVP: Doom Dee Doom

Loudest: Kell’s Inferno

Most Improved: Fighting Girlfriend

Best New Blood (Officials and Volunteers): David Reed

Best Officials’ Paperwork: Leigh Featherstone and Sam Heinous (tie)

Songbird (National Anthem): ¼ Pounder

Best Announcer: Kell’s Inferno and Bo Adkins (team)

Most Dedicated (Officials and Volunteers): Doom Dee Doom

Best Rookie Blocker: Fighting Girlfriend

Best Rookie Jammer: BeeBop

Most Valuable Rookie: Fighting Girlfriend

Best Juggernaughties Blocker: Magali

Best Juggernaughties Jammer: Meep Meep

Most Valuable Juggernaughtie: Meep Meep

Best Muñecas Blocker: Doom Dee Doom

Best Muñecas Jammer: BAMPF!

Most Valuable Muñeca: Kell’s Inferno

Best Dooms Dames Blocker: Doom Dee Doom

Best Dooms Dames Jammer: Kell’s Inferno

Most Valuable Dooms Dame: Doom Dee Doom

Best Disco Brawlers Blocker: Killer Queen

Best Disco Brawlers Jammer: Heano Evil

Most Valuable Disco Brawler: Leigh Featherstone


After league awards, the Fan Favorite award was bestowed upon Harley Darlin’ and Kell’s Inferno (tie).

Fan Favorites of 2015 Harley Darlin and Kell's Inferno.  Photo by Amy V. Marks

Fan Favorites of 2015 Harley Darlin and Kell's Inferno. Photo by Amy V. Marks


Duke City Roller Derby will be back in 2016 for its eleventh season. For now, league members are enjoying an off-season.





Posted on December 22, 2015 .