June 20 Doubleheader Wrap-Up

The action on the track was hot this past Saturday at the second DCRD home event of the year.

The Marionettes kicked off the doubleheader with a Black versus Silver match up. With only seven skaters per team, the juniors played two intense 20-minute halves. Despite the heat, the  juniors demonstrated athleticism and tenacity on the track in a competitive game. The final score was 159-155, with Silver taking the win.

The second game featured the Crossroads City Derby Sucias (WFTDA #142) from Las Cruces against the hometown Muñecas Muertas (WFTDA #168). The Muñecas started off strong, opening up a quick lead of 22-0. The Sucias responded by making adjustments to their jammer rotation and closed the score to within 10 points by halftime.  The second half quickly went south for the Muñecas as a number of skaters went to the box with penalties. With the Muñecas playing short on the track, the Sucias continued to gain lead jammer status and exploited a quick succession of power jams. Crossroads pulled away further in the final few minutes and won 137-94.



Muñecas Most Valuable Blocker Kell’s Inferno

Muñecas Most Valuable Jammer Meep Meep  

Sucias Most Valuable Blocker Goldie Blocks

Sucias Most Valuable Jammer Rex Bex

Proceeds from water sales were donated to featured charity, the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico.

Skaters, officials, volunteers and fans all sang Happy Birthday to referee Flashover, who graciously spent her birthday calling penalties.

The next home doubleheader is on August 22 and will feature the two newly-returned home teams as well as a game between the Los Alamos Derby Dames and DCRD’s B-team, the Juggernaughties.

Posted on June 24, 2015 .