August Spotlight: Doom Dee Doom

Photo by Erica Voges

Photo by Erica Voges

Doom Dee Doom began skating with DCRD during the league’s inaugural season in 2005. Though she had a brief stint in Portland, she’s one of the long-term core members of the league. This year, she was elected to be the Head of Training and Recruitment. In that role, Doom has so far restructured our recruitment plan, helped to bring back home teams, and continues to work daily with our newest recruits. A strong blocker who was voted Munecas Most Valuable Blocker for 2014, Doom is one of the brains of DCRD both on and off the track. We’re thrilled to highlight her this month in our August Spotlight. Congratulations, Doom!

How did you decide to start playing roller derby?

My childhood friend, Dahmnernatrix, introduced me to roller derby. I quickly fell in love with the game. When I started we skated in short skirts and fishnets. I was attracted to the cool rockabilly-punky look to the cute uniforms and the confidence skaters of all body types had while skating in them. Before roller derby I did not consider myself to be an athlete, so I was drawn to the diversity of women involved, physically, and otherwise.  I have seen many changes in my time playing. Some were welcomed and others bittersweet, but I have yet to find anything that can tear me away from this intense and marvelous sport. I planned to retire after having each of my two children, but I found it impossible to kick my derby habit.

What roles do you fill in the league?

This year I am the head of the training and recruitment committee, it is so fun to do something I am really passionate about and rewarding to give back to the sport  that changed my life. I also really enjoy being one of the coaches for our junior league. The youth skaters are so inspiring, and I love that we have the opportunity to share roller derby with children and teens. I also monitor the league email and I am a WFTDA rep. My business is a sponsor and I also hand print some of the league merch at no cost to the league. I skate with our travel team The Muñecas Muertas and was recently drafted on to the Dooms Dames when the league brought back home teams.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about roller derby?

If you worry too much about looking stupid when you try new things or practice the things you find challenging, it will really impair your improvement. Be willing to make mistakes, learn from others, fall, even fail, so that you will be a badass later. Even though I know this, it can still be difficult to step out of my comfort zone.

What do you do in your non-derby life?

I am self employed. I run a small business screen printing my own art on Tshirts. It allows me to stay home with my children and gives me the flexibility to travel for roller derby and spend a ton of time doing other derby related things. I have opportunities to expand my business if I need to, but I make enough to live very comfortably while enjoying life. That is pretty amazing. I love roller derby, but I also love my sweet husband (who I met playing roller derby), my three cats, and my two daughters. I love hiking and biking, and I am passionate about nutrition and cross-training. I paint, draw, sew, draft patterns and do a variety of other crafts.


 Photo by Leigh Featherstone

 Photo by Leigh Featherstone

This year you attended your first ever RollerCon. How was it?

I realized a few things attending RollerCon for the first time after 10 years of skating. The first thing that was immediately evident is that I will go every year from now on. My five-day derbycation was pure bliss. My favorite part was going to classes with world class trainers and derby athletes, It is exciting to have new ideas and drills to bring home to my league. It was so amazing that it made me feel sad about how many of these I’d missed, but then I realized something else. I saved a lot of money by not going for the first 9 years. That helped...a little.

Final thoughts?

Roller Derby is a fun, empowering sport. I don’t know who I would be if I hadn’t found it, and I don’t want to know. I have made so many positive changes in my life and pushed myself physically and emotionally to my limits. I have met amazing people who motivate and challenge me, and some will likely be life-long friends.I am stronger and happier than I ever imagined I could be, and I credit this phenomenal sport.

Special Note from League Blogger Annimal

Thanks Doom for all you do! As a newbie and your new blogger Annimal, Doom was the first skater I met, talked to and learned from. From her quick responses online to first meeting Doom Dee Doom is our first line of defense. Every Monday is newbie practice and last night’s was no exception, we welcomed MANY new skaters into our awesome derby world. We have Doom to thank for her many talents, but foremost is her passion for derby.

Coming from a newbie it is so important that each and every one of you keeps up your awesomeness...because ladies being awesome, kicking ass on the track, and rockin’ at life matters… thank you for showing up at practices, helping so easily, and spreading the derby love.

Posted on August 12, 2015 .