Recap: 2016 Home Opener

The Duke City Roller Derby 2016 double-header season opener took place on March 5th, a gorgeous spring day. 

The Spring Chicks cheer before taking to the track.

The action was started off with a junior skater mash-up featuring DCRD's Marionettes and the Los Alamos Derby Dames's Cherry Bombs. This was first game ever for the Cherry Bombs. The skaters divided into two teams: the Fighting Irish in green, and the Spring Chicks in yellow.

The first few jams ended in perfect ties before Spring Chicks jammer Wolverina helped her team start to pull away with a 19-point power jam. The Spring Chicks held onto their lead for a good part of the first half until back-to-back powerhouse jams by Fighting Irish jammers Neanderdoll and Katastophy gave the girls in green a 27-point lead.

Fighting Irish jammer exits the pack.

The Fighting Irish increased their lead for the rest of the half, with special help from jammer El on Wheels in a massive 24-point power jam. At the end of the first half, it was 160 - 69 in favor of the Fighting Irish.

After halftime, the Spring Chicks came out swinging, chipping away at the Fighting Irish lead with a 14-point jam by Spring Chicks jammer Diva Destruction. But the patient and steady point scoring by the Spring Chicks couldn't stop the momentum of the Fighting Irish, thanks in part to an outstanding 25-point mid-half jam from Fighting Irish jammer Bruisin' B Anthony. The junior bout finished with brand-new jammer Apple Punch scoring a final fifteen points for the Fighting Irish. The final score was Fighting Irish 260 - Spring Chicks 111.

Congratulations to the Cherry Bombs and to DRCD's own Belle on Wheels on their first ever game. Extra special thanks to the coaches and officials who put enormous effort into making the juniors' game a fun learning experience for all the skaters involved. Your efforts resulted in a great game for everybody. We love you, officials.

  • Fighting Irish MVPS: Katastrophe #101, Neanderdoll #13, Alley Cat #9
  • Spring Chick MVPs: Hit Girl #42, Ruby Doo #888, Robovirus #434

The 2016 season's first home team game was a well-matched nail-biter featuring last year's fierce home teams: the Disco Brawlers and the Dooms Dames. Both teams finished last season with each a win and a loss, so it was anybody's game as the teams took to the track: Brawlers in glittery gold and crimson, Dames in olive drab and blood red.

Dooms Dames pose to demonstrate their fearsome nature. Photo by Beefcake.

The Dooms Dames took an early lead with scoring from jammer Fighting Girlfriend, but the Disco Brawlers quickly caught up, setting the pace for the neck-in-neck first half, complete with six lead changes. "Get your points and call it" for quick, low-scoring jams seemed to be the strategy of the day, with a few exceptions: Dooms Dames jammer Merc with a Mouthguard flipped the lead with an early fourteen points, and Disco Brawlers jammer Smackillavrey (in her Duke City debut) racked up a quick fifteen when lead jammer Merc was sent to the penalty box.

Dooms Dame Merc with a Mouthguard approaches a golden wall of Whoreticia Maddams and Yonic Boom. Photo by Mark A. Lies.

Both teams showcased devastating blocking, with strong, expert pack leaders on each side: Nikki Nail'er and Magali on the Dames, Doom Dee Doom and Killer Queen with the Brawlers. The Brawlers slowly developed and defended a lead as halftime approached. Game play was fierce, but it was clear opposing players were good friends: high-fives on the jam line, light-hearted trash talk, and impromptu dance parties during official reviews punctuated the action. By halftime, the Disco Brawlers led the Dooms Dames 83 to 53.

The second half packed in the excitement with big hits and powerful apex jumps. Disco Brawlers jammer and captain Hearno Evil took advantage of a power jam when Dooms Dames lead jammer Swearin' Marie went to the penalty box, scoring an amazing 27 points to Swearin' Marie's 15. Swearin' Marie made up for it a few jams later with a massive 19 points against Disco Brawler Whoreticia Maddams. Slowly but surely, the Dames chipped away at the Brawlers' advantage, and eventually forced a lead change thanks to a few quick laps from Merc with a Mouthguard. Disco Brawler Whoreticia Maddams took a hard hit to the face while wearing the star and had to leave the track, but not before completing a star pass to her pivot, Kell's Inferno. Going into the last jam, the score 143 - 135 in favor of the Dooms Dames, Disco Brawler jammer Kell's Inferno faced off against Merc with a Mouthguard and fought her way through the pack to tie the game with no time left on the clock!

The game officials declared an official tie and set up for Duke City's first overtime jam in eight years. Overtime jams have important differences from regulation jams: no lead jammer is declared, meaning overtime jams are always two minutes long. Neither jammer can call off the jam early. Point scoring for each jammer starts immediately, unlike on the second pass in regulation jams.

The Brawlers embrace the gold and crimson on game day. Photo by T'cha Mi'iko.

This caused some chaos at the jam start - where should the blockers line up in order to protect their points? Dooms Dames jammer and captain Meep Meep faced off against Doom Dee Doom jamming for the Disco Brawlers, and both teams prepared for a two-minute jam. Meep Meep said that skating through the pack was like being on a "tilt-a-whirl of pain." After two laps, Meep Meep passed the star to her pivot, Swearin' Marie, who continued fighting for Dooms Dames points. Doom Dee Doom used some help from her pivot Kell's Inferno as well, making it a double-star-pass jam! At the end of two minutes, the official score reflected the final: 151 - 147 in favor of the Dooms Dames.

Congratulations to JK Rolling and Smackillavrey on their first bout with DCRD. Extra special congratulations to DCRD junior program graduate Yonic Boom on her first bout with the adults, and to first-time bouter Ima Hazard! Well done, everybody.

Fighting Girlfriend, Nikki Nail'er, Merc with A Mouthguard and Kell's Inferno celebrate awards for excellent skating. Photo by Leigh Featherstone.

  • Disco Brawlers' MVP Jammer: Kell's Inferno
  • Disco Brawlers' MVP Blocker: Killer Queen
  • Doom's Dames' MVP Jammer: Merc with a Mouthguard
  • Doom's Dames' MVP Blocker: Nikki Nail'er
  • Doom's Dames' Overall MVP: Fighting Girlfriend
Posted on March 22, 2016 .