March Spotlight: Killer Queen

Meet Duke City Roller Derby's March spotlight member, Killer Queen! You probably recognize her as a long time skater for the Muñecas Muertas, as well as from our home bouts. This month, we're going to learn a little bit more about the woman behind the fierce blocking.

So first things first: who are you outside of roller derby?

I am an event planner at a catering company in Santa Fe, Walter Burke Catering. This takes up a huge amount of my energy in the summertime. Beyond that, I am a lover of the Rio Grande and spend as much time as I can on it when not on 8 wheels or at work!

You've been a Disco Brawler for a long time, and this year you're a Dooms Dame. How do you feel about that change, and about facing off against your long time home team?

Well, I have been skating for a really long time! My original home team was the Dooms Dames so I definitely feel a kinship there! Having "created" the Brawlers team, and being a disco lover, I will always have a tremendous amount of affection and loyalty there. Honestly, when I get on the track, I don't see colors, or faces, it's usually just bodies and I could be skating against anyone!

You just got new skates, right? Everyone loves gear! What did you get?

I got Falcon plus plates and Riedell 495 skates. They will take a bit of breaking in and I had to take them to a cobbler to stretch them out, but I am so excited to have them fit my feet like a badass glove.

So that means you're not retiring any time soon, right?

I have been skating for 12 consecutive years. I have so much respect for older skaters that are just starting now at my age of 44. I have often asked myself this question, when should I just hang up my hat? I still feel like a relevant and helpful skater to the travel team and my home team. So, no plans for retiring any time soon. Roller derby brings so much to my life that no other thing possibly could. I see skaters in their 50's kicking butt! There is no clear end in sight for me. I am an addict!

Photo Credit: Jamelyn Ebelacker

Photo Credit: Jamelyn Ebelacker

Is there something unique about you as a skater?

Well, I once had someone tell me that I seemed to put down roots when I skated. Which was always a really interesting concept to me. It's not that I never fall! But I like the idea of sinking into the earth a little for stability and strength.

And of course we have to know - what's the best taco filling?

Derby taco: the thickest, juiciest, opponent that fights back, and I still win!

Edible taco: El Parasol up here (Santa Fe) makes the best veggie tacos. I am not a vegetarian but these are to die for. Mushed up broccoli, potato, spices, avocado, and then they deep fry the whole thing and serve it with the hottest red salsa ever. YUM!

Make sure to check out our season schedule to see Killer Queen in action this year!

Posted on March 1, 2017 .