June Spotlight: Clips

This month, we're happy to kick off summer with June Spotlight member, Clips. She's the captain of the Disco Brawlers, skater for the Muñecas Muertas, and all around cool person.

You have been playing with home teams for awhile, and this year you've been drafted to the Muñecas Muertas. What do you find different between the types of teams?

Image Credit: Ani Burkett

Image Credit: Ani Burkett

I really love playing against people outside my home league! At home team games, we all know how one another plays and the common moves of those skaters.  Playing against new skaters is challenging as you have to adapt to a brand new playing style. It has made me more conscientious of “tells" and paying closer attention to specific players during the game both on and off the track.  I’ve played in a lot of mashup games over the years and I think that has helped me become more comfortable playing at the travel team level.

You are also the captain of a home team, the Disco Brawlers. How are you enjoying that role?

I love my Brawlers! They have made captaining so much fun and they roll with all of my new ideas.  I am seriously happy to have every one of the them on my team.  It has been great!

Image Credit: Soozi Bercerra

Image Credit: Soozi Bercerra

Follow-up: what are some of the challenges of captaining a home team?

Not to brag about how amazing my team is, but they’ve made the managing aspects of my job really easy.  There’s a Picasso quote in which he said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” I guess that is my challenge.  I know the rules of roller derby, but learning the exact wording and intent of the rules is really helpful for official reviews.

What is your favorite derby story?

Image Credit: Soozi Bercerra

Image Credit: Soozi Bercerra

This is so hard!  There are so many funny stories that I have from roller derby.  One time I caught Big Wheels by the face - that was pretty great.  There was a pretty epic trip to White Sands, too!  Let’s go with the most family-friendly story, and the one that will earn me wife points! A few years ago, I played in a co-ed mashup in Amarillo and played against my husband.  We can get kind of competitive with each other, but we had so much fun and it continues to be one of my favorite games!

And finally, who are you when you're not on your skates?

I teach Art History and Humanities courses at CNM and online at Southern New Hampshire University.  The two subjects have a lot in common so I find that I’m pushing art on everyone!  I mainly try to teach survey courses and courses that present art created before the Renaissance, but I love teaching all of it! I’ve studied oral stories, preserved altarpieces made in medieval Spain, and the connection between cultural identity and lowriders, so the survey courses allow me to introduce a wider variety of arts in my classes.  I spent a bit of time in Rome, so Ancient Rome and the Renaissance brings back some really fun memories.

I’ve learned to tell my students that I play roller derby after a few students stayed after class because they were concerned about me showing up with bruises all over my arms.  Those might have been the sweetest students ever, but it totally made me laugh.

I also have tons of pets…or maybe just 5.

Posted on June 7, 2017 .