July Spotlight: Black Mamba

This month, we're celebrating one of our newer skaters, Black Mamba. Join me as we learn more about her!

Tell us about your name: are you really a deadly snake?

Quentin Tarantino's movies are some of my favorites. I enjoy the strong female characters he bases some of his movies on. Black Mamba is played by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Her character is just so rad and amazing. In the movie, it is also explained how deadly Black Mambas are. I wanted to embody that on the track. My derby wife showed me a documentary about Black Mambas and they ARE a totally amazing species!

You do some pretty important work outside of derby. Do you mind telling us about that?

Sure! I don't mind at all, but this is going to be lengthy.
I am a Permanency Planning Worker for the Children, Youth, and Families Department. A social worker basically. Once the case has been investigated and the child(ren) is taken into custody, the case comes to me. I am responsible for the child's safety as their Legal Guardian. I conduct monthly home visits at their foster homes and address any issues. I am also responsible for getting the biological parents to engage in their treatment plans in order to gain back custody. I create their treatment plans based on the allegations and causes and conditions that brought the child(ren) into care. This may look like going to substance abuse groups, domestic violence counseling, submitting random drug screenings, participating in visitations with the child(ren), etc. Each case is individually specific and special. I may have to visit parents at the Metropolitan Detention Center. I may have to move a child into a treatment foster home if they disrupt from a regular foster placement. I may have to travel to other states to visit children in custody that now live out of state. Some parents go completely M.I.A and I have to find a way to track them down. I've had to hold a child who ran at me freaking out after seeing her mother for the first time in months and being completely afraid of her. Only she knows the trauma she has been through as she is only 2 years old--too young to verbalize her trauma. Did I mention I am the Legal Guardian to 18 children? I carry 14 cases at the moment. I also go to court. A lot. I prepare court documents reflecting the progress (mostly lack of) that the parents are making toward gaining back custody. I've seen a lot and do a lot for these kids each day.

How did it feel to be invited to join the Muñecas Muertas after just a few months in the sport?

FREAKIN' AMAZING!!! My teammates have, and continue to believe in me and support me at each practice, game, and scrimmage. It was an extremely pleasant and positively overwhelming surprise!

We're hoping you'll have a long derby career with many exciting stories to tell. So far, though, what is your best derby moment or memory?

Thank you! I plan on sticking around for a looong while.  It's so hard to choose. My favorite moment so far is definitely when I was drafted on to the Muñecas Muertas. One of my favorite memories is also when I attended the WinTour camp with a few of my league mates and they told me that they were talking about how much it seemed I had progressed in just a few months. Y'all are so awesome! And well, of course, I got to swoon over Scald Eagle, Brawn Swanson, and Lady Trample.

Image credit: Abuko D. Estrada

Image credit: Abuko D. Estrada

Posted on July 12, 2017 .