Marionettes Junior Roller Derby

2019 Schedule

Away: February 23 in Las Vegas, NV
Marionettes and Los Alamos Cherry Bombs v. Sin City Junior Rollers

Home: April 13th
Marionettes v Tucson Derby Brats

Home: August 24th
Marionettes v Inland NW Roller Derby Pixies

Home: September 21st
Marionettes v TBD

Away: October 12th in SLC, UT
Marionettes v. Wasatch Junior Roller Derby



The Marionettes are the junior roller derby team in Albuquerque. Under the leadership of Duke City Roller Derby, these junior skaters practice two to three days a week during the season. Practices are currently Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Starting Monday, March 5th from 5-6:30 pm we will feature a new skater practice for young athletes interested in joining junior roller derby. Email our junior's new skater coach for information!

Skaters elect captains, and one parent serves as the Team Parent to assist with logistics including collection of dues and fees, meeting schedules, and travel arrangements. Adult league members manage business and training.

Our athletes learn persistence, team work, leadership, and time management. And of course, they have fun!

Follow the Marionettes on Facebook, or come to a game to see them in action! Marionettes participation is currently limited to girls ages 8-17. 

Email us to learn about becoming involved with the Marionettes!


  • Battle Royale #11 (co-captain)

  • Bruisin' B. Anthony #1920 (co-captain)

  • Alley Cat #9

  • Apple Punch #909

  • Belle on Wheels #2004

  • Crash #138

  • Creature #137

  • Diva Destruction #125

  • Ginger Snaps #24

  • Golden Stitches #12

  • Inannamous #0

  • Neanderdoll #13

  • Jinx #17

  • Kali #21

  • Miss Demeanor #594

  • Neanderdoll #13

  • Pound Cake #606

  • Punky Bruiser #526

  • Ruth Slayer Ginsburg #33

  • Scary Potter #7

  • Snotrocket #77

  • Space Gypsy #413

  • Uncle Slam #411

  • Venom #99

  • Wolverina #621

Junior Referee

  • Sk8 Crime


  • Nduce N Agony

  • Eiffel Terror

  • Conikaze

  • Neanderdoll