DCRD Officials

Roller derby officials are an essential part of the sport.  Being an official is a great way to be a part of the action and have fun.

There are two types of Officials: On-Skates Referees and Non-Skating Officials. Both are important roles that keep gameplay fair and safe.


Referees are skating officials who help ensure safety and fair play during a game. Referees wear skates and protective gear during practices, scrimmages, and game. There are up to seven referees required to officiate a game.

Benefits of Being a Referee

Skate! Referees are members of the Duke City Roller Derby league and can be of any gender. If you love to skate (or would like to learn) and have a hankering for law and order, refereeing is for you!

Learn Derby! Referees practice and train at league scrimmage and have other opportunities to learn skating skills and rules at newbie practice and other scrimmages.

No Experience Required! Referees can skate on quads or in-line skates and increase their skating skills at Newbie Practice to gear up for before taking their skills test and officiating.

Interested in Becoming a Referee? Email us or come by our Saturday morning scrimmages at the Heights Community Center (823 Buena Vista SE) at 11 a.m. Skating officials must have skates and appropriate safety gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards). You will also need a whistle and to learn the Official Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby. We have loaner gear available for you to try. 

You can also start by coming to a Newbie Practice where we will teach you to skate. 

See the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) site for more information: http://www.wftda.com/officiating

Non-Skating Officials

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) handle officiating roles that do not require being on-skates. They fill essential positions within the officiating crew during bouts and scrimmages and are staffed by volunteers. NSOs can become league members.

Benefits of Being an NSO

Be a part of roller derby! NSOs perform vital roles for bouts and provide official statistics for teams to the WFTDA.

Learn Derby! NSOs have the opportunity to train regularly at Duke City's weekly scrimmage practice.

No Experience Required! No skating skills or gear necessary. Examples of NSO roles include: scorekeepers, lineup trackers, penalty box timers, and jam timer.

Interested in Becoming an NSO? Email us or come by!

For more information about NSO roles, see the WFTDA website: http://www.wftda.com/officiating